Here's How:

Must Be 21+ with Valid I.D.

You must receive a Buddy Pass from a designated Flight destination. Register your Buddy Pass online to catch a #Redeyeflight here at the Lounge. Your first Red Eye Flight experience is on us when you sign up for a membership.

Membership Card Fee $10

Member Flight Dues:

$5 to fly Red Eye (Daily option)

Red Eye Flights service includes

a complimentary drink and snack during  your flight.

There are a few different flight options available for you to catch once you obtain a Membership Card.

$5 daily, $25 an $50 monthly membership options available.


$25 a month for 8 RED EYE Flights

$50 a month for unlimited RED EYE Flights

We don't play HIGH, We get HIGH together!  Catch a Flight if you can. 

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