Flight Lounge is "Where Connections Are Made!"

Flight Lounge is a members only Cannabis club located in Portland, OR with multiple locations to visit. Our members get to experience the high life of Oregon like no one else. Our members come from all walks of life but the common thing that brings us all together is our love for Cannabis. Flight Lounge is what we call Portland's version of an Amsterdam style cafe. We are the OG's in the social consumption game on the west coast and have been pioneering the movement for many years now with our members help! We would love for you to join the movement and become a member but that's only if you're 21+ and can respect people's space & privacy. 

The easiest way to become a member is to be referred by one and brought in to one of our locations. That's how we keep our community of members here full of good vibes with little to no turbulence. Other than that you have two options available to you.  One is to be given a "Buddy Pass" which is a ticket to join us from another member or you get to subscribe on our website and follow the instructions from there!

No upcoming events at the moment