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Flight Lounge Cafe

5944 NE Sandy blvd
Portland, OR


This is a MEMBERS ONLY club for adults 21+.

Everyone who wants to catch a flight with us must be a member of the club to do so!

Click below to become a member of the dopest 420 club in the states.  


420 Smoker friendly

Free WiFi


Flight Merch

CBD Products

Yes to catch a #RedeyeFlight  you must be a Member of the club!

At Flight Lounge Cafe we offer our members a chance to really enjoy the perks of social consumption. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere to Sip + Smoke + Eat amongst your peers and other like minded individuals. Creating a community and culture any Cannabis enthusist could appreciate. The Cafe location offers many perks but the number one is it's brunch service for members only. The food is a bonus here as your able to consume your own cannabis and enjoy the resembelence of a nice home cooked meal all in one place.

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